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Monday, Sept. 18th

We got to the end of Act One today, so now you have all the lines you need to complete the worksheet, which I will collect on Wednesday.  We will also have an open notes/books quiz on Wednesday on Act One, so please look over your notes.  If you have any questions, please ask at the beginning of class before the quiz.


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  • Act One quotations…/15…Sept 20th
  • “Plickers” Act One Review Quiz…/10…Sept. 20th
  • PARAGRAPH: Romeo/Juliet’s character…/15…Sept. 27th
  • “Plickers” Act Two Review Quiz …/10…Sept. 29th
  • TEST on Romeo and Juliet…/50…Oct. 16th
  • Scene Presentation…/40…Oct. 24th



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Thursday, Sept. 14th

We finished our notes on classical mythology, and continued working through Act One of Romeo and Juliet, getting as far as I.iii.49.  We started filling in the worksheet on key quotations from Act One.  Complete as much of it as you can.  There are quotations in the upcoming scenes that you could use.   I will collect the sheet from you once we finish Act One.


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Tuesday, Sept. 12th

We carried on with our discussion on COURTLY LOVE, this time using “plickers” before reading and discussing Act I scene i, up to line 214.  We paused for a review on CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY and will finish this and the rest of the scene next class.

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Welcome to English 10!

It was great to meet you all today.  Your introductory titles were impressive!

We have launched into our first unit on Romeo and Juliet and got as far as I.i.33.  We shall continue with the first scene next class.

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