Monday, May 29th

We worked through chapters 8-9 of The Chrysalids today.

Please read chapters 10-11, AND, write a short short story on the battle between your tribe of mutants and the others.  Include their abilities and ranking in the “food chain”.

Mutant Stats…


There are only THREE WEEKS left, so if you are not passing (check the I-report below), you must do something about this as soon as possible.  Complete all remaining work to the best of your ability.


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  1. This time of the year in the Wasteland was the harshest months. With all the Deathclaws and Tribe soldiers around the few water sources in the area, we couldn’t get any supply: water, food, nor caps. Everything out here had a cost. A basic 10mm handgun is 300 caps; a stimpack is 35 caps; rad-away is 45 caps. We, the Mutant Region 42, had little control of this area. The main regions like 1,15, and 79 are all the way from the D.C to Northwest; no commander would focus on our field.
    I was the head of the Intelligence Department since my people and I had the power of invisibility and can not be detected by any sort of instruments, but because of our low measurement of Combat Ability Points(CAPs), we could only work undercover. The combat units were formed with two different field groups. Vapes and Turomus were the front lines of our region. Each Vape would hold on to one Turomu to block the long-range attack, which would usually launch by the Lorses and Toges. The strong body and remarkable strength of the Vapes could throw the nearby enemies far away or to the sky, then those would be cleared up by the following combat groups. Fortunately, the Tribes didn’t have the technic to obtain or use any of the firearms, so the casualty number stayed low for us. The groups following up were the Brandizzles, Cabbits, and Satinders. The Brandizzles were the brains of the group, receiving commands from us and pass them to their groups. The Cabbits would stun the enemies first, leaving a gap between the enemies troops and the Satinders would eliminate the enemies.
    According to the data gathered by my teams, the CAPs were high on every Tribe, and they had extraordinary skills and strength, but they couldn’t use guns and technologies. From the Brandizzles’ research, this pitfall was lead by their high CAPs as a cost of their physical strength. To gather data and resources, my team had sacrificed much. We didn’t have the best gears to protect ourselves, nor did we have high CAPs members to help us. As a result, my team members are all masters of our skills.

    • The references are from the Fallout designed by Bethesda Game.

  2. It was night as I was hiding in the bush with a Randa in invisible mode. Satinder was hiding behind the rocks. We were spying on the Brandizzle, Caloompa, and Toge who were having a meeting. They belonged to the middle rank within the food chain while we were ranked lower rank. The middle crank would always have battles with the Upper class which have mutants like Livan, Lorse, Penguonika, Kristallna, and Jutterffly Butterness. The middle class would always attack us so, we would spy to see their movements. As the meeting was about to end, the Toge’s fluffy fur suddenly extended and started barking out loud. Then we heard a gun sound, the Toge fell on the ground and the battle started.
    The three of us then ran into a cave nearby and peeked through a hole. There, we saw the one of the Caloompa’s unleashing its toxic energy while the other two were finding the enemy. Then a Jutterfly flew in front of the right head and got blind and suffered a seizure while a Lorse ran in to the battlefield and threw a disc and sliced both Caloompa’s arm off. Last, a long legged Kristallna kicked the mutant finishing it. On the other side, the Brandizzle was shooting lasers at the Livan and the lion countered it with purple fire. Then the Brandizzle jumped so fast and disappeared until, the roof came falling. From the dust appeared the laser eye mutant looking at us knowing that we were here the entire time. Then I told Randa to use me as a shield since I’m invincible so we can get out of here. The mutant then shot a beam but deflected from the shell and shot his own hand. From the back, Satinder screamed so loud that we can hear the mutants brain part flowing from its ear and mouth. However, the mutant was about to shoot its last laser beam until a Penguonika came sliding down from the hills then jumped and shoot the mutant sideways. The Penguonika then stared at as with no emotion and slowly walked up towards the three of us.

  3.      Ever since the meteor hit, many humans have merged with animals to become special mutants. Each mutant belongs to a clan of their choosing and each clan has a special leader. Majority of clan leaders aspire to get the highest leader rank because every mutant around want to stay with the best. The higher the clan leader’s rank is, the more powerful the entire group becomes as a whole. Most leaders change their names to fit their new form, since everyone changed in some way. Every year, there is an event called Master’s Scoreboard where each clan leader fights for power. Kevin has the highest ranked clan on the planet. The top twenty are listed on a board with the same name as the event. Being on this board is celebrity status to the entire world, and I am glad I was able to be placed in ninth highest mutant.
         Unofficially on the side, there is a game that the top twenty play. It doesn’t have a name, but the mutants create groups to overthrow the first place leader. Since it is not official, it does not change ranks, but it helps with battle strategy against the first place mutant for the next annual Master’s Scoreboard. My group consists of nine other fellow mutants, not including myself. Vape, the third highest mutant, is able to crack coconuts with ease. It may not seem reliable, but it shows Vape’s strength. My group also contains Brandizzle, the fourth highest. He’s the brains of the clan. It also helps that he can shoot lasers out of his eyes. The fifth highest, Kristallna, is very tall and has strong legs. I was lucky enough to be in the same team as them. Livan, the eighth highest, is able to breath fire. A good skill for elemental balance. Tenth highest is Cabbit, who is the cutest bunny you will ever see that you will freeze instantly. Lorse, eleventh highest, is skilled in agility. She can use flimsy looking toys as powerful weapons. Jutterfly Butternessa is the twelfth highest, with a flashy ability that can cause seizures to the enemy. She is a good addition to the team, supplying an opportunity for a sneak attack or getaway. The thirteenth highest Satinder liquifies brains with a blood curdling scream. You’d think that he should have been the highest, at least top five of the Master’s Scoreboard, but there are quite a lot of mutants who either have immunity towards it, or don’t have brains in general. The seventeenth mutant, Octden Jadyjones, has his own dimension that he can teleport to at will called Jadyjones’ locker, which is a scary dimension, but is banned from usage in the Master’s Scoreboard. My ability is to slide and aim with near perfect accuracy. I still am surprised that I placed higher than most of the other mutants on the Scoreboard.
         The group gathers up courage to find Kevin and fight him to boost our morale and the morales of our individual clans. While searching, we find other clanless mutants and apply them for one of our groups to maximize the total members for our ruling. The adventure does not take long, and we come across Kevin’s domain. As we set foot on his territory, we begin to see the other groups from the Master’s Scoreboard battle Kevin’s army themselves. As we join in the battle, we all share knowledge about each others fighting styles. Our powers are restrained to not fully harm another being, but we defeat our enemies, enough for them to retreat. “The second wave shall commence!” A voice I recognized as Kevin’s boomed loudly. This was going to be a long fight for sure.

  4. It was a battle of us against them. Although we were slightly outnumbered, many of us were stronger than them. It all started as a plain competition to see who was better at certain activities. It escalated quickly until their leader and top of the food chain declared war against my entire tribe. We could not tell if it was serious or not because none of us had actually seen their leader, only heard of him through their right-hand woman, Shirtle. The leader and top of my tribe called a meeting. His name was Brandizzle and was undoubtedly the most knowledgeable. He might not have been the smartest logically, but he gathered a large amount of information on their plans through his telepathy. The ten of us, Brandizzle, Na-vily, Livan, Satinder, Octden Jadyjones, Kristallna, Toge, Vape, Penguonica, and me gathered in our main headquarters quickly before the others begun attacking. We made a basic plan where half of us would stay behind while the other half would march towards their leader. Penguonica would slide in quickly and sharply, catching them offguard. Although we advised Brandizzle to stay behind as leader, he decided to go out and spy. We did not like the idea because he would not be able to tell us anything unless he made it back alive, but he was gone as soon as the first strike occurred.
    The team to stay behind consisted of Na-vily, Satinder, Octden Jadyjones, Livan, and I. Once we could feel their presence shaking our building, we sent out the other four through the back with Brandizzle. I peeked through the window and found the Lorse right outside our door ready to attack. Before she could strike again, I slipped through a crack in the door and dazzled the five of them with my wings. Their team did not scare me at all. It was merely the Lorse, Siraffe, Vowl, Turomu, and Randa who were not as capable as us in combat. While they fumbled and seized from my ambush, Octden Jadyjones dragged Turomu to his locker not far from our headquarters. He locked him in and with the snap of his fingers he teleported the locker down into the ocean. This seemed like an overpowered move, but it took nearly the whole battle and no other opponent could fit in the locker. While this went on, Livan had burned Vowl to near extinction and left him in a state of shock from the fire and my initial attack. Satinder took care of Siraffe easily with his power to liquefy brains, but he did have to jump around a bit in order to reach her. Randa was more powerful than we expected, using his invisibility to sneak up behind us, but his speed was still no match for Livan’s quick recovery after demolishing Vowl. The only one left now was Lorse. She managed to defeat Na-vily with her advanced speed and weapon, but Satinder, Livan, and I were a team that could not be stopped. We mourned Na-vily for a short time before moving the ones still alive to a cell. Vowl and Randa were unconscious, but breathing. Octden Jadyjones had returned and agreed to keep watch while the rest of us went on to meet the others.
    By the time we arrived, their team had suffered three casualties and us only one. Toge lay motionless on the dirt with green mist surrounding him. Penguonica explained to keep a distance from him and Caloompa. The mist was highly toxic. He was the only one who really posed a threat to us. He began advancing on us, slowly. I whispered to Satinder, making the plan to liquefy their brains, but he said there were too many. Livan was out of flames, and my light could not reach through the mist. Everyone else could not get close. We were all cornered. Suddenly, a flash from behind a tree shot two heads at once, distracting the middle and allowing time for us to spread out and avoid the poison mist. We identified the flash from Brandizzle, his laser eyes still glowing. He managed to finish off Caloompa and told us that their leader planned to escape once Caloompa was gone. Their leader really had no regard for any of them except Shirtle. We all marched toward his castle when Cabbit jumped in front of us. He attempted to immobilize us, but Kristallna did not see the small foe, and stepped on him. He suffered many injuries but we decided we needed to catch their leader instead of using our time to finish him. The door to their leader’s room beckoned us with a warm light.
    With so many of us against the top of the chain, it was hard to see what was going on. In the midst of battle, I watched as Penguonica silently stole Shirtle away. She truly lived a thug life. This was a tactical move though, because bringing Shirtle to Octden Jadyjones will help to get rid of her unbreakable features. I noticed that their leader weakened a bit once she was gone too. He didn’t mention anything about her disappearance though. After a long and hard battle, he was exhausted of power. We all were too, and Satinder was ready to melt him right there and then. Before that though, we asked him for his name. Through shallow breaths and coughs, their leader replied, “my name…is Kevin”. We all nodded, but right before he perished, he said, “and I’m not the true leader. The true leader is—“ he was cut off before he could finish. None of us really cared about what he said because we had won and they were all captured or dead. Cabbit had died from his injuries. We celebrated greatly for the next few days. The ones who were alive on their side were to be banished because they had no use to us, but when we returned to the cell, Vowl had bled out from his head and Randa was gone. A stone was missing from the cell, leaving a ray of light in his absence.

  5. It has been a very tough battle for my tribe and I, but as of right now nobody can stop us. I put Siroffe,Toge, and Vowl in my Deadly Jones locker and theres no way they will escape, they are gone for eternity. Just as I closed my locker, Satinder comes out of nowhere and screams so loud, l can’t hear for several minutes but Kristallna helps me and kicks Satinder several KM out so he won t be a problem; teamwork. I glance to the left and see Caloompa arguing with himself and fighting with his other heads. As Turomu tries to calm the 3 heads down, Caloompas toxic green hair knocks Turomu out and the fighting continues. l rush to the nearest cave to take cover and see Year finally woke up from hibernation, and she is angry. I call Livan, Vape, and Cabbit to come help me. First Cabbit uses his cuteness to stop her from moving so no damage can be done. Then, Vape crushes a hard coconut on her head until she gets knocked out. Finally, Livan uses his purple fire breath to completely smolder Year into a black dust, I blow the dust away into the wind. Na-vily is communicating with animals to kill us, then jumps 20-ft in the air and lands right on top of Randa and chokes him until he dies;brutal. Then, Penguonika slide tackles Na-vily with precision and then they start to brawl. In the distance l see lasers shooting from the mountain top, it’s Brandizzle. I spurt towards him with Lorse and Jutterfly. While Jutterfly flies towards him, he shoots a laser at one of her wings and she takes a hard tumble down the mountain to the ground. We arrive to the havoc and see Brandizzle ready to attack. Lorse throws her blue plastic frisbee and it knocks him off balance. l run in a punch him right in the face and his pupils come out. Since he is helpless with no powers, he surrenders and I throw him in my deadly locker where his fellow tribe is begging to leave and are suffering. I look up in the air and Na-vily comes crashing in but somehow lands. She is holding Penguonika’s head by her hair and her body is nowhere to be seen, probably getting eaten by the wolves she was talking to earlier. She hurls Penguonika’s head at my feet and says “lf you want this to happen to your surviving members, stay away!! this is not over” then jumps into the clouds where she does not come down. IT’S ON!!!

  6. My tribe and I have been travelling for a while now. Our Journey was to the other side of the country where mutants like us are welcomed and not betrayed. Brandizzle’s hairless head was able to get the coordinates and lead us but as we continue to walk, everything feels odd but familiar. It was a feeling I couldn’t describe but I knew I had to say something. As soon as I was about to stop, something grabs my shell and I was slowly being lifted off the ground. I start to scream for help then next thing you know, giant vines and plants were attacking us. “We’re in Evolution Forest!” shouts sartinder as he dodges plant seeds shooting at him. “That’s impossible! They told us it was a myth!” shouts Brandizzle while he uses his eye lazors to shoot anything that comes near him.
    Evolution Forest is filled with many powerful mutanted plants. The people say that God was very upset about how slow plants were growing and the fact that no one was caring about it. So, he cursed the whole forest. Soon enough, angry and ugly plants have grown and whoever walks through the forest is done.
    Everyone was struggling to keep fighting. The more angry the plants got, the more stronger they become. Large, thick vines covered Brandizzle’s eyes that he couldn’t shoot through them. Livan’s purple fire was unfortunately no match for the giant Carnivorous plant who had no problem swallowing the fire. Satinder and Octden were all caught up in the vines making them weaker every time they try to fight back. Kristallna tall legs were stuck in quick sand, making her paralized and slowly sucking her into the ground. The rest of us were useless as well. Flying around was Jutterfly who was not acknowledged by any of the plants. Thats when she went into dazzle pose and blinded all the plants, some even started to seizures. We are now all free but we knew we cannot stay and fight. “Quick! We need to get out here!” shouts Vowl. “But how?!” questions Turomu. “Climb onto me, I will get us out of here!” says Kristallna as we all quickly got a hold of her. Then Kristallna starts to run as fast as she could, kicking and stomping on any plant in her way. “HOORAY!” we all cheeredd as we continued our journey to the other side of the country.

  7. It was an early dawn in the martial law impacted Vancouver City ,6 young mutants plan to escape the escape the city’s ruthless laws against mutants with a paramilitary chasing after them ever so closely on one side while another tribe of mutants that are hunting other mutants are coming at them from the other. Vancouver City has been quarantined as civilisation has built different kinds of walls containing the city to maintain mutants not being able to enter or flee. The small band of young mutants set out from their camping spot and head towards an opening in the wall to escape lethal authority. Little to their knowledge the paramilitary organisation and the “Mutant Hunters” have been tracking all of the youths throughout the night and thus are ever so slightly behind them near the Lions Gate Bridge where the mutants plan to cross over to North Vancouver.

    In the middle of the day the young mutants Brandizzle, Vape, Liven, Satinder, Siraffe, and Kristallina venture just minutes away from the Lions Gate bridge where they believe they will be able to cross the bridge with no hassle. Out of nowhere an 2 APC’;s with a turret being driven by mercenaries working for the paramilitary organisation hurdle around the corner on the street and start speeding towards the young mutants. All of them sparked with adrenaline start sprinting towards the bridge. Brandizzle and liven use their laser eyes and fire breath to destroy the 1 APC and make it onto the bridge where unfortunately the Mutant Hunters are there waiting for them.

    With the young mutants being trapped from behind with one APC and trapped from in front by the Mutant Hunters the young mutants all lunge to attack both opposing groups. Vape and Brandizzle work together to make quick work of the paramilitary nut the rest of the mutants are having trouble fighting other mutants. Once the paramilitary forces are extinguished, Brandizzle and Vape turn their attention to the other group of mutants to help aid them. All of the young mutants work together to beat the other group of mutants, throwing them off the bridge or killing them. With the opposing forces dealt with, the young mutants safely crossed the bridge and made their way to the wall by sunset.

  8. The groups of mutants have now broken off into various tribes all with different rankings in power based on lethality of its members. For example one of the highest ranking tribes is lead by Vape who has the ability to crush coconuts but thankfully although we are ranked below him our tribe has a counter to Vape’s ability. We have our secret weapon Turomu who has an impenetrable shell. Right before Vape is about to crack a coconut we slip in Turomu instead and because of the impenetrable shell Vape injures himself. But unfortunately we have failed and are unable to overtake the shirtle tribe. Even with Satinder’s strong legs and my laser vision we are unable to break open Shirtle’s shell to finally defeat her once and for all. Our tribe trains a lot to refine our powers and make them as strong as can be, when we are all on a roll we can not be stopped. During a raid on one of the weaker tribes, the Randa tribe our team was working like clockwork. First we sent in Vowl into the camp only making noises using vowl letters and this strange speech lured Randa out of her invisibility which allowed Na-vily using her athletic 7 foot body to swoop in and grab her before she could return to her invisibility. Once captured Na-vily handed her to Octden who stuffed her into Davy Jones locker putting and end to the Randa tribe. Our tribe may not have the best ranking compared to the other tribes but with our unique set of skills and amazing team work I believe that we can win this battle.

  9. It was late in the night maybe 11:00pm or 12:00am we were on the run from the other mutant threats,I don’t remember the last time I felt safe. Myself cabbit and vape have been on the run for the last 3 hours, they don’t give up until they win, we have been fighting the other mutants for the last week or so,and it’s been up and down since then,one minute we think we’re dominating and the next were on the run trying to survive. We havnt seen any if the others for a while now, but for right now we have to stay focused on surviving and finding a suitable water source that’s not infected by mutated sea creatures. I’m hoping to regroup with the others soon so we can gain the upper hand, and defeat the other mutants and control the land and rule everything. For now we are heading to the caves to take safe shelter and wait out and hope the mutants stop hunting us,and then we will go on attack.

  10. It was late in the night maybe 11:00pm or 12:00am we were on the run from the other mutant threats,I don’t remember the last time I felt safe. Myself cabbit and vape have been on the run for the last 3 hours, they don’t give up until they win, we have been fighting the other mutants for the last week or so,and it’s been up and down since then,one minute we think we’re dominating and the next were on the run trying to survive. We havnt seen any if the others for a while now, but for right now we have to stay focused on surviving and finding a suitable water source that’s not infected by mutated sea creatures. I’m hoping to regroup with the others soon so we can gain the upper hand, and defeat the other mutants and control the land and rule everything. For now we are heading to the caves to take safe shelter and wait out and hope the mutants stop hunting us,and then we will go on attack…
    It is the next day, vape and I dodged being hunted so we are leaving the caves and heading out to go dominate the land. As we are trying to find our other group members we are thinking over strategy to defeat the other mutants. Our “heavy weight” members are brandizzle, octen jadyjones, vape, Livan and kristalina. Our lightweights are caloompa, jutterfly, Randa, satinder and myself cabbit. We are very effective when we work together and use our battle strategy’s.
    2 days later… we have met up with our other members except satinder, he seems to be lost or captured and again our plans have changed and we have to rescue satinder. We move out and head to there mutant base, were about 50 metres out from there base and were hiding behind some bushes getting ready to infiltrate there base…
    Next thing I hear is “CHAAARGE!!” and the battle for the land is ON!…

  11. Once upon a time there were two kingdoms in peace and harmony, and both kingdoms were as lovely as a rose on a sunny spring day or as they say ‘perfect’, these kingdoms consists of The good such as: Lorse,Jutterfly Butternessa,Satinder,Vowl,Siraffe and Ambrose and The bad such as:Kevin,Shirtle,Vape,Brandizzle,Kristallna and Caloompa. The people from these kingdoms were full of joy and happiness, but one day the coronation of the new king of The bad took place and everything since then changed. – The so-called ‘King Kevin’ ruled the kingdom, he was a voracious and unpleasant,mean dragon. He was never good to his people, he often yells and is always mad at his servers. King Kevin then one day made a royal rule to never communicate nor interact with The good and this made a huge conflict between the two kingdoms to the point were a war was created, some of King Kevin’s people fought against him and these people were: Shirtle, the second strongest mutant in all of utopia or should I now say, dystopia. Another one was a mutant named Cabbit he was the most cutest mutant of The bad and the last one to leave was Turomu, the oldest and calmest mutant of The bad. The rebellion of these mutants made King Kevin and his most loyal army such as Livan and Brandizzle furious. -The day of the most awaited war has come, both kingdoms were ready to fight. King Kevin lead The bad and Lorse, an intelligent and fast mutant and the Queen of The good was leading, Lorse uses her magical bucket and frisbee as her weapons… Trumpets are playing, mutants are chanting, the time of The great war has come.. The mutants are starting to run,It has started. The first mutant to die was Siraffe, she was killed by Kristallna: a mutant that can grow up to 160 feet, she used her strongest ability which was to kick strongly, but not that long after, Kristallna was also killed. She was distracted and did fell for the insane cuteness of Cabbit. Cabbit was one of the mutants from The bad who rebelled against King Kevin, also cabbit has this telepathic ability to control other mutants, which he used onto Kristallna. Two hours later and the war has finally come to end, The good claimed their victory.. King Kevin was the last to be killed, he begged, cried and tried to ask for forgiveness but Lorse did not forgive him, she said that there were too many mutants that has suffered and killed from this war to even forgive him, If she does let him go, Lorse would not even have the guts to sleep at night and face her people. The conflict between the two kingdoms were not able to be fixed, until on this very day the once known ‘Perfect’ kingdom became the most terrible kingdom… Utopia will forever be Dystopia.

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