Friday, Dec. 16th

We will carry on with short stories after the break.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Wednesday, Dec. 14th

We read “The Portable Phonograph” (126) and focused on the SETTING, ATMOSPHERE, and SITUATION of the story.  We listed the achievements and failures of humanity and will be linking these to the THEME of the story next class.

Inspired by the story, we listened to various pieces of music and FREE WROTE scenes.  You will be inserting the character you have created in the last few classes into one of these scenes in an ORIGINAL SHORT STORY that we will be writing in the new year.Feel free to expand the IMAGERY(sensory details…sight, sound, smell, taste, touch) in the scenes you’ve created today.



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Monday, Dec. 12th

After returning the essays from last class, we finished reading and discussing “The Metaphor” (76-80).  We analyzed the birthday cake metaphor and then wrote our own analogy for the character we invented two classes ago.


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Thursday, Dec. 8th

We wrote the IN CLASS ESSAY either ANALYZING Atticus’ summation speech (203-205) or WRITING AN ORIGINAL speech on an injustice.

We will carry on with “The Metaphor” next class.



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Tuesday, Dec. 6th

Next class, you will be writing your IN CLASS ESSAY on To Kill A Mockingbird.  We’ve already gone over your options in class.  If you have any questions, come and talk to me before Thursday.

Today we read the first part of “The Metaphor” (65-76) and noted the author’s CHARACTERIZATION techniques.

We looked at Matt Groenig’s cartoon on 81 types of high school students and picked one to CHARACTERIZE.

We wrote a

1. physical description

2. description of character through actions

3. description of character through dialogue (typical things this person would say)

4. description of character through others’ opinions (named three people in this character’s life and what each thought of this character)

5. description through comparisons (metaphor, allusion, character foil).

We then read pages 65-76 of “The Metaphor” and wrote the page number next to each of the techniques above where the author uses these same techniques for characterization.

We observed details on Charlotte’s metaphor for her mother and interpreted the details.  We made a connection between our experiences and those of Charlotte.

This response was handed in at the end of class for 10 marks.


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Friday, Dec. 2nd

We finished the novel (chapters 27-31) and the READING JOURNAL, which was collected at the end of class.

Your IN CLASS ESSAY will take place on Thursday, Dec. 8th.  Next class, we will continued our first SHORT STORY on growing up.


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