Wednesday, Sept. 28th

We continued working through Romeo and Juliet today, getting from III.i. to III.iii.

We will be having a QUIZ on Acts I-III when we get to the end of Act III.

The TEST at the end of the unit will be as follows:

Part I:  Ten quotations for which you identify the speaker and recipient, what is said, and why it is said (20 marks)

Part II:  Ten quotations for which you identify the literary device (10 marks)

Part III:  A paragraph answer on one of five choices of topics on this play.(20 marks)

We will also be performing a scene from Romeo and Juliet to end off the unit.


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Monday, Sept. 26th

We created a PARAGRAPH RUBRIC for the next paragraph you will write (which will happen after Act III).  We then read, discussed, and viewed II.iii.-vi..

We practiced writing sentences that required supporting quotations.  These were collected at the end of class.

If you were absent, please read to the end of Act II and come with any questions you may have.

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Wednesday, Sept 21st

We went over the paragraphs you wrote last class.  Please make note of the corrections.

We then read and discussed II.prologue to II.ii. and continued to write in our dialectical journal on the play.

We surveyed opinions on Romeo and Juliet through “plickers” based on the balcony scene.  We will be using the results in the next paragraph we write.

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Monday, Sept. 19th

We finished off Act One of Romeo and Juliet and then we spent 30 minutes writing a paragraph proving that Romeo is a courtly lover.  This should have been in INK, DOUBLE SPACED, THIRD PERSON, PRESENT TENSE, and supported with at least THREE quotations from the play.

We shall carry on with Act Two next class.

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Thursday, Sept. 15th

We reviewed the concept of the COURTLY LOVER.  If you want access to the webpage, email me at

We will be writing a paragraph on this next class.

We continued working our way through I.ii.- iii of Romeo and Juliet.

Next class, we will finish Act I and write the paragraph.

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Tuesday, Sept. 13th

We carried on with I.i. of Romeo and Juliet today, focusing on the concept of the COURTLY LOVER.  You will be writing on this topic next class. Please review the passages we have discussed.



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Friday, Sept. 9th

To become familiar with Shakespearean English and to explore the idea of “hate,” we finished our script on the “ancient grudge” that fueled the hostility between the Capulets and the Montagues.  We then started reading I.i.1-100 and wrote our observations on key passages in the “dialectical journal” I handed out today.  Please write as much as you can as this will help you greatly with the test at the end of the unit.

After the fight, we turned our attention to LOVE with a survey on “plickers.”  We shall finish this next class before carrying on with the rest of the scene.

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, Sept. 7th

After the introduction to the course, we started our first unit on Romeo and Juliet.  It is a challenging text, but we shall take it step by step.  We are currently working on the script of the “ancient grudge” that lead to the hostilities between the Capulets and the Montagues.

For now, write out the argument you and your partner made up in class.  We will be translating this to Shakespearean English in stages.  You do NOT have to change every word of your dialogue.  Step one is to change only the words YOU to THOU, and YOUR to thy/thine. Add “-est” to the ending of verbs used with THOU and “eth” to the ending of verbs used with HE/SHE.  We will add to this next class.

It was great to meet you all today!


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